Eks Courier Company

The courier service "EKS Courier" LLP provides services for shipment and delivery of cargo, documents and correspondence. Shipment and delivery is carried out personally handed from the sender to consignee. Express delivery not only saves time, but also ensures quality and reliability of shipment and delivery of goods.

"EKS Courier" LLP offers various services for express delivery of correspondence, documents and cargoes. When shipping with "EKS Courier" LLP you can be sure that the shipment will be delivered timely, the delivery time will be respected, the delivery quality will be at the highest level.

We offer you to allow us to solve all the problems associated with courier delivery around Kazakhstan, the CIS countries and all over the world.

  • Transportation by road

    allows easy and express delivery

  • Transportation by rail

    Reliable type of transport for delivery of documents, correspondence and cargoes;

  • Air transportation

    The fastest way of postal items transportation, featuring speed, reliability and transportability over long distances


We deliver

  • Medical Supplies Temperature Sensitive Products and Materials
  • Fragile goods

    Valuable goods
  • Humanitarian supplies
  • Aerospace equipment
  • Equipment for the oil and gas industry, goods lifted with the use of a loader
  • Legal documents
Our advantages
  • Broad geography of delivery

  • Optimal terms and cost of delivery

  • High quality of delivery

  • Services, resources, and technology to speed up your shipments going through customs control

  • Complete solutions and services adapted to your company's needs.

  • Price and quality

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